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Thinking hard for over 30 years

About Think Hard

 Mark Gorman has been mining gems, nuggets and the occasional aggregate, both as Think Hard and, before that, in Scotland’s best and most effective creative agencies, for his entire career.

But, no matter the iridescence of these treasures, once unearthed Think hard has a knack of quickly turning them into effective and engaging creative ideas and executions.

Once described by a client as ‘jaggy’ – a somewhat double-edged compliment it has to be said– it nevertheless sums up Think Hard’s no nonsense approach to consultancy that drives effective marketing campaigns, quickly and painlessly.


Whilst marketing consultancy might be Think Hard’s overall descriptor it belies a host of services that might be seen as niche but have come to form a broad portfolio of work for over 80 clients in the last decade alone.

That list starts with strategic planning and brand positioning before extending into advertising, brand identity, naming and social media strategy.

Think Hard’s robust approach to the written word has led to many commissions for tender writing, marketing and effectiveness award submissions (over 80 awards and counting) and even a spot of copywriting; like this, for instance.

Need business advice or mentoring? Think hard about Think Hard. Many others have.

Training? Check. Especially pitch training, creative briefing and (wait for it) ‘ideation’ advice. We’ve got that particular badge of honour. In spades.

And market research. We’ve thunk a lot about that. Even for market research companies.


We won’t dwell on this but suffice it to say Think Hard has been in more chairs than the quality control director of Ikea. The Scottish IPA, NABS, Scottish Marketing Association, Scottish Marketing Communications Action Group, Creative Edinburgh, Forth Children’s Theatre, Robson Brown, Whitespace and Metis Marketing to name but some.

After rising through the ranks at Halls and The Leith Agency Mark jointly set up the highly successful 1576 Advertising before becoming CEO of listed agency Citigate Smarts. Lots of lessons learned in that journey.

So, from start up, to listed companies to charities and trade organisations in advertising, design, digital marketing and PR, Think Hard has learned many lessons and picked up a nugget, gem or lump or two along the way.

Every day’s a school day.


If you fancy a jaggy chat please make contact. Mobile 07771 970 325

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